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Who we are

This is a concept-based
studio in Portland, Oregon
forged by friendship.


Adam Bagerski

Whether pushing pixels, finessing bezier curves, rebuilding a house from the studs or walking across the entire country – the common thread in Adam’s experiential approach to life is problem solving and systems-thinking.



Toby Grubb

Toby is an enthusiastic designer, builder, entrepreneur, photographer and occasional sleeper. With over a decade of experience, his award-winning work with Google, Nike and Burton ranges from digital platforms to products and physical spaces.


Denis Kegler

Born the seventh son to a family of artists, Denis learned at an early age to think different and to roll with the punches (literally). He has proudly led creative teams in the development of world class creative for Nike, Levi’s, REI and Patagonia. 



Thanks for stopping by.
This site will soon be relaunched in all its glory.
Until then, here are a few of our favorites:



Strong made Stronger.


Deep in the hills of San Francisco, we launched Levi’s new skateboarding collection by highlighting the durability and comfort of the collection through natural motion, authentic to skateboarders.

Photos: Sam Muller, Jon Humphries Video: Jon Humphries, Colin Kennedy



Celebrate the spirit & bounty of Portland.

 This Shaker-inspired gathering space and community kitchen is much more than a venue for the consumption of fine meals and local ingredients. Jason French's Elder Hall fosters the community through craft, events, education and creative collaboration. 

Photos: Stuart Mullenberg, Robert J. Hill



Meet Lily. Batteries included.


CES Innovation Award winning Lily is the world’s first personal flying camera. Simple, autonomous and revolutionary, Lily uses visual tracking and programmed maneuvers to perform complex captures via the Lily mobile app.



Setting the bar high.

As a specialty coffeehouse, Barista set out to defy the traditional café / roaster relationship by offering multiple high-end coffees from around the country. Seven years and four retail locations later, Barista is now the gold standard from which premium cafes model themselves.

Photos: Ian Pratt



Guilt free bubbly for the mindful imbiber.


 Made with real California wine, purified sparkling water, electrolytes and zero added sugar, Bon Affair is a lighter, everyday wine spritzer for the healthy professional. It pairs well with hot days and early morning wake-up calls.